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    Found Budgie!

    Hello everyone! I recently found a budgie on the side of the road! It is very cold where I live so I am thankful I found him and he was cold/tired enough to let me scoop him up with my sweatshirt. He snuggled right in! I am assuming a family lost him, I have contacted local pet stores / vets / went knocking around the neighborhood he was found in and I've basically hit a dead end. If he just escaped I am sure his family thinks he is dead and isn't looking for him and if he was dumped, then he is just in a similar situation now. I have absolutely no problem keeping him. I've never owned birds before, but I consider myself to be a great owner and I know I can give him a great life. Just looking for tips in case he does become a part of my family and no owners eventually come forward. He is a sweet bird, and he climbs on my hand (taking a ride with me to chill on the couch). I've been gentle and don't force my companionship but he seems to do better out of his cage so I am trying to let him out as much as possible to acclimate to my apartment. He has only chirped a few times and looks overall pretty sad. I am sure this is because he may be sad about new potential ownership. Any tips? His little band says he was born in 2020 and I assuming he has at least reached maturity. Kay P.S. Yes he was in a hamster cage for a day because it is all I had and better the box I had him in at first.
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