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  1. They will lay different size eggs here and there Nothing to worry about
  2. Please help me identify the mutation of my beautiful, but unusual looking baby budgie. His parents are gorgeous. My male is a blue and yellow dark-eyed clearflight and my female is a gray factor, but that's all I know about her mutation. I'm providing pictures of both Mom and Dad and baby. I know it's difficult to tell in the picture, but baby is a soft, baby yellow, with dark gray spots on his back and his abdomen is slate blue (dark blue grey). He's stunning. Please help me identify his mutation, as he's super unusual and I've never seen another budgie that looks like him before. Thank you so much.🙂
  3. I have a hen with four Chicks already and four fertile eggs still to hatch, So she'll have eight total chicks when she's done. So far she is feeding all four chicks as far as I can tell but will not let the male in the nest box at all. She's a very snippity bird and barely let him near her even to mate. So I don't anticipate her ever letting him in in the nest box to help her in any way with chick feeding. Do you think that she will be able to handle all of these chicks on her own or should I anticipate having to step in and help her with feedings?
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