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  1. Last, night... tradegy struck. I was doing my laundry, and left my door open. I had Blu out for a training session, but my brother got him and was bothering him. I told my brother to get out, and again, he left the door open. He never pout Blu back in his cage and wel... the dog got in.... and we all know what happens next. I have no idea how to get over the loss of my best friend. The one thing I could come home and talk to. When I saw his feathers last night, my heart about exploded. I cried so much, my stomache hurt. I was screaming and freaking out and had no idea how to feel. Even now, I am crying and mourning the loss of my dear Blu. Let's just say, even though dogs have their wild side, I'm not forgiving the dog for killing Blu for a LONG time. I need some help on how to mourn the loss of my best feathered friend, Blu.
  2. So, I got a new Budgie. His name is Blu! He is so cute and entergetic at times. He is a blue, white, and black budgie. Anyways, it's been a couple of days and he will only step up under specific conditions. Like, he will run away from my hand. It's super weird. But when he Really wants out of the cage or he is stuck somewhere, he will gladly hope onto my finger. He also likes to perch on the top of my Chromebook during class. Anyways, how do I make him less afraid of my hand? ? Also, how do I bond with him? He is from PetSmart, and wasn't handled very often. I want him to recognise me as his owner. Can someone give me some tips??
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