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  1. Hi, this probably doesn't help much, but i have just had the scaly mite problem on one of mine and the only thing that seemed to work was Vetafarm's Avimec... I was originally looking for an At Home fix, but i gave up when it got too bad The Avimec has worked really well so far though G
  2. Hi, Im kind of new to owning budgies, Ive only had them about 3-4 months, and I've noticed that one of them has started showing signs of scaly mites (I only know this because i searched it). It seems like most of the treatment options are for tame birds that you can hold, but my bird is defiantly not that 😐 . So i guess I'm wondering if any one has any tips for me on how to get these mites off my bird? Any and all suggestions, tips or words of wisdom are welcome Thanks