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  1. Same thing happened with my budgie. She started having nightfrights every single night. She was incubating and was scared. For aa few nights everytime she screamed I used to switch on the light and pacify her. She turned out fine after a couple weeks. But if you want a quick solution I'd suggest what Skye Lily did
  2. Birds have personalities. It is just him being him. I've had budgies whom inspire of having several other birds around never really socialized with them or me. I'd suggest leave it be or get the bird a pair.
  3. Yes actually. It is advisable that you change back to your former brand Happened the same with my budgie, she even started sneezing after vomiting. I changed her diet to the former one and she was fine in a couple days.
  4. It is too early to decide. They might still inspect the nest box when they're not in breeding stage. But if you see some bonding, feeding, mutual preening, and if they feel safe enough, you'll soon be a grand pappy. It'll take about 2 months before you see the chicks if everything goes right. They get territorial and aggressive if they're about to lay eggs. Watch out for that.
  5. It isn't a big deal. They will be fine. One of your budgies is feeling possesive of you. Even bonded pairs do this at times. Just keep trying. Talk to them and if need be use both of your hands for feeding budgies. Keep Tofu distracted with the other hand so that Olive will get used to you
  6. My budgie under 2 months was pecked by a big one and is not using one leg at all. He is eating normally and hopping around in one leg. I applied some turmeric and it is the best I could do. I don't know what else to do. There are no avian vets around my place and cannot travel out due to Lockdown. Please help! I don't know what to do.