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  1. classylady


    Liv I am SO sorry to hear about your loss, my sympathy is with you as I know how you must be feeling....I am still devastated about my darling Percy, it will be a very long time before I can come to terms with it all. I do hope you will cope with your loss, I wish you well....your little boy is flying free with my Percy....I'm sure they are well again now and happy xxx Chrissie
  2. A big thank you to everyone for their help, advice and kindness over the few years I've been coming onto this lovely site. I am more than pleased I found all you budgie-mad folk here, you've helped me through times of crisis with my darling Percy, you've given me support and shown me that I'm not a silly woman because I love a little creature who enriched our lives beyond compare. I won't be a regular visitor now that Percy is no longer with me and as I always have found it very difficult to read the sometimes distressing stories that you have at times to tell and contend with. I know I couldn't read future posts without feeling your pain and anguish and remembering what my darling baby went through too. Thank you again for helping me through a very difficult (devastating) time just recently, without your caring words of support and comfort I would have been lost. I do so hope your darling birds keep healthy and that they continue to give you the pleasure and love that I know these lovely birds can give. I KNOW you will give them the love they deserve as you are so caring and kind. I wish you well and all the happiness you lovely people deserve. best wishes and hugs Chrissie
  3. classylady

    My Percy

    I had to take my darling boy on his last journey to the vet yesterday even though it was the one journey I never wanted to make. I can only be thankful that Mark the vet was so kind and compassionate and was reassuring us all the way. I will miss Percy always but I'm sure he will be with me and I know we will meet again. Dedicated to Percy - April 2002 - 25th September 2008 I heard you cry in your hour of need, "Let me go, let me fly free" I loved you too much to let you go, but knew in my heart it had to be so. Fly my dear friend, fly free from pain, we'll always touch hearts and meet again. I'll miss you more than you will ever know, but I had to let go, It was meant to be so. Chrissie (to my darling baby boy)
  4. Friday Thank you everyone I know you understand just what I'm going through. I will reply to my PM's over the weekend but I wanted to thank you so much for all you've said. I am going to post a small message in the In Memorium now because I feel I need to. Thank you again, my heart goes out to you all for your kindness and caring. hugs Chrissie
  5. MY LAST NEWS HERE First of all, please accept my sincere thanks for all your help, views, comments but most of all your caring shown over my darling Percy. Can I offer my condolences to everyone one who has lost a pet because it's something I know from experience that we don't "get over" but sometime hence - come to terms with in our own way. This afternoon Thursday 25th Sept at 15.30 GMT my darling baby Percy was put to sleep and I held him and told him how much I loved him, that I was setting him free and he would soon be away from the pain and suffering he'd had over such a long time. The vet was so very kind, so compassionate I knew out of all the vets my Percy had seen that when I needed it most, we were with the right one. Mark told us how he admired what we'd done all these years for Percy and that when it came to the right decision for Percy's sake, that we were doing the right thing. I had a job to let go really because my baby was talking when I got him out of his carrying box, telling me to "come on, scratch his beak"..... but I knew we just had to let him fly free from the pain. Mark did everything he should as Elly had described and we brought my little darling home about half an hour ago. My hubby is digging his final resting place, I can't face that at the moment but later will buy a plant to put there above my baby's grave. Thank you everyone, thank you for the last 5 years of help, support and understanding you've given me on this wonderful site. Without that I don't think I could have done half the things I've done and to know that here were people who understood it all and knew what I was going through. I will eventually look in the "In Memorium" section, I have avoided it for so long....but I need to go there when I feel a little less numb. I think after that I will leave the site as I can't bear the memories, but I will most certainly say prayers for you and your darling birds and keep you all in my thoughts as you have done with me. with love in friendship Chrissie
  6. Hi all, Thanks again for all the input....and here's the latest update. Firstly I do know a little about gout because my father had it, and I do know for budgies that it comes from a kidney problem. My vet has said that when the bird had liver problems it can make the kidneys worse...so I guess IF he has gout then that would be why. The painkiller Metacam (I think I got it wrong before) hasn't touched him and he's gradually got worse with the leg to today where he is on the perch on his belly which is of course the lipoma he has. When he has been standing he holds his right leg up which causes balance problems...with his gut problem he is always scratching his vent but can't do that properly now. Yesterday he was chirping some of the time and he was eating well even getting down to the seed hopper. At the moment this morning all he is doing is laying on the perch, has had water when I hold it up to him and a little food when I hold it for him....so I'm far from happy how things have gone. I'm not an expert in animals esp birds at all, but I don't even know if this is gout because I guess due to Percy having been so unwell with the injection that the vet doesn't want to do anymore tests at this time. The xray he said, didn't show a tumour on kidney or testicles....but the xray (to me) was quite cloudy anyway, but as I say I'm no expert. Percy is finding it impossible to stand on that right leg though at times he doesn't have a choice when he needs to get round the cage. Yesterday first thing he did go to eat, but today he hasn't. I know you've all said I would KNOW when the time came....but last night watching him I was gutted....I thought I can't let him go on like this.....but then he was chirping and talking a little....I'm wracked with guilt and pain in not knowing what to do for my baby..... I know no other person can make that decision for me, but I don't know when to make the decision and that is giving me so much stress. Do I want to put him through all the tests etc when his liver is enlarged and he has never ending gut problems....now the leg problem, the urine problem (lots of it)....I'm devastated and not 100% healthy myself and I just don't know how long I can go on seeing him like this. I will phone the vet again today to explain what has been happening....but I know if I take Percy there he will (out of fear) be chirping and will look okay and the vet could say as he has done before, "Look he's chirping, he is worth fighting for..." I didn't know owning a budgie could be so stressful when they have a chronic illness, I have never encountered it before so it's hurting me to see how things are for such a wonderful little sweet character who cuddles up to me and kisses me....how do I deal with it all. I'm sorry to sound so pathetic...my illness makes me depressed at times and with stress it makes me feel worse....so really I'm no good at things like this but one has to carry on. Thanks for listening guys.....and thanks for all your help. Chrissie
  7. Hi again, Just thought I'd update you on this. I took Percy back to the vet on Monday after phoning him to tell him that Percy couldn't get about much with his leg problem. He said that he still felt it was gout and that he'd start him on some painkillers. He's had 2 days of them now (Vetacam I think it's called, 1 mil mixed with some food and fed off a spoon) but he's not a lot better with his leg at the moment. I don't know if the meds have to build up to help the pain or what, I just hope he does get some relief as things aren't good for him hobbling about. At least he is eating virtually normally now again - that's a relief for sure. I'm still giving him the antibiotics on some mashed up cornflakes, he loves that. Apart from the leg he is much better than he was after the injection....the gut problem/infection still persists but that is normal for him... hopefully the antibiotics will help. Hope you all have a good day. Chrissie
  8. Sunday afternoon - The vet who gave Percy the Ceftazidime injection is my local vet who deals with birds (and other animals). He's dealt with Percy before over the 6 yrs but when I found other avian vets some miles away I prefer to go there. With the latest bout of gut infection (or liver problems) I had no one but my local vet to go to as the others were on holiday or moved away. The one who had moved away I saw about 2 yrs ago and he left without me knowing where he'd gone, then after Percy became ill from the injection, I tracked him down again and he has been treating him since with Marbocyl P which is a tablet. I have to give him one eighth of it which I'm crushing up and mixing with a tiny bit of crushed up cornflakes mixed with some water. That's how Percy is taking his tablets at the moment. HOWEVER.....yesterday Percy had bucked up no end, he was eating lots of his own food and was talking and just almost back to normal, I was over the moon but realised he still had a long way to go. TODAY.....he is back to square one, not eating unless I help him which I do of course, and the worst part is he is in pain with his right leg/foot. He is holding it up, can't really get comfortable and is having a job to move. I did wonder if the Marbocyl P might have had side effects such as joint paint but I can't find anything like that. I am holding his food and water up for him to have and he is taking it, but his leg is really making him feel unwell. The vet said he couldn't find anything on the xray to indicate a tumour (though I didn't think the xrays were that clear myself but I'm no expert), so he suggested he might have gout. I don't know what sort of symptoms they have with gout or if they can do anything.... has anyone experienced this with their bird at all? I will speak with the vet again tomorrow and see what he comes up with, but at this moment in time, yet again I fear the worst case scenario because I hate to see Percy like he is today. I am still stressed out of course, though yesterday seemed to be a break through, but I guess I was hoping for miracles and now today, it's all changed. I am keeping him going and giving him lots of love so we are both hanging in there.... Chrissie
  9. Yes the injection was given for his gut problem, that's all I took him for as his poo was sticking to his bottom and as usual, it had got worse over the week before I took him to the vet. Percy was okay in himself, was eating normally and was out and about flying in the room when he wanted. Every so often his gut flares up and they will give him antibiotics, this time he gave him the injection (antibiotic) and that's what has caused him to be ill. As it affects the liver in humans, then I can only guess it's done so in him with the way he's gone since the injection. He bucked up a little last night when we came home but that was the first time yesterday as he slept most of the day even after his tablet at lunchtime. Chrissie
  10. Can I just thank all you lovely people who have written here on this awful and difficult subject. I appreciate your words and comfort and understanding, I know you've had difficult decisions to make too that's why I knew I could say what I was going through because more than anyone else, you guys on here would know what it's like. I gave Percy an eighth of a tablet crushed up and on some favourite food of ours that he likes and he gobbled it up yesterday. Soon after he was more bouncy and was ravenous, eating everything he could and drinking and coming over to me. That continued til we put him to bed last night, tho' even through his activity, he was still fluffed up and we knew he wasn't well. The tablet I have to give once a day is Marbocyl P and having read up on the side effects today, one is "transient increase in activity" and that's what I noticed with Percy yesterday as though he was hyperactive, in fact I had to cover his cage at one point to get him to rest. This morning, Friday he hasn't yet had his tablet and although he's eating, he is still fluffed and unwell....things are just not right. I will give him the tablet at lunchtime and no doubt he will be hyper and ravenous again but he's still not as he should be. I still don't know my decision yet or how to face it, though I have a sense as to know what it WILL be...tough and very sad as you all say. I will have a word with the vet again to see what he says, but we have two days where things come to a standstill here - the weekend....so it may be Monday before we can see how things are really going. One thing is for sure, if the local vet hadn't injected him with the Ceftazidime, Percy would not be like he is today, it's made him ill and as far as I'm concerned has brought about the thoughts that I am going to have to face. I knew I wasn't happy with him giving the injection but didn't know why....I even asked if it was safe....and so I "knew" something was wrong....why don't I ever listen to myself! Thank you again, I'm indebted to you all for your care and support. hugs Chrissie xx
  11. I was wondering what thoughts you as budgie owners have about my latest dilemma and would appreciate your comments and feelings on this matter please. I brought Percy home from the vets last night after 2 days hospitalization ( for those who don't know, he was ill after being given Ceftazidime injection for a recurrent gut infection - he has liver disease and fatty lipoma and is 6yrs old). The vet said that Percy had bucked up no end and he had been eating some seed and was fairly lively and his droppings had increased though not 100% right. He'd given him antibiotics and x-rayed because I'd mentioned how Percy had been limping on his right leg and can't stretch it out or use it to scratch himself. The x-ray didn't show any tumour up that the vet could see so he mentioned that Percy could have gout. We brought Percy home and on the 23 miles journey he wasn't his usual chirping self and was quiet at times which has NEVER happened before when he's been transported. However, he was pleased to be home and had some seed and a drop of water. After that he sat on his swing (his perch), fluffed up and sleeping at times, also in pain at times too as he was lunging out with his beak which another vet told me they do if in pain. He wasn't settled most of the evening, he wanted to come over to me but didn't seem settled enough to do so. I just know that he was showing exactly the same signs as before he was hospitalised except eating a little more. The droppings decreased in the evening and I could tell Percy wasn't at all well. Having travelled with him many times before I know that he bounces back (usually) when brought home from the vets but this time it's different, it wasn't the journey that upset him. I do feel that whilst in the vet's the "fight" system kicked in and he showed he was getting better, but once home, relaxed and with us, he showed how he really was and that he was still unwell. This morning he is eating and drinking a little, still fluffed up on his perch. He had poo stuck to his bottom once again and I had to wash him. Oh my god he felt so thin, I weighed him on my kitchen scales again and he is 30 grms, some days ago he was 40 grms. I am feeding him up with stuff he will eat of our food but he seems at times to have trouble swallowing it. I have to continue with antibiotics, crushing a small portion of tablet and mixing it with something he likes, to see if he will take it. I didn't want to medicate by mouth as the stress for him is just too much. The difficult part is....and this is where I need your thoughts and feelings.....we sat watching him last night and thought he just cannot go on like this. 6 years of vets, medication, manipulation, injections, x-rays, blood tests etc etc etc....it is all too much for him and us too as we are so stressed out with illnesses of our own which don't help. We have thought long and hard that perhaps at this time we need to make a decision about bringing in euthanasia. It's not something either of us want to think about - I can't bear the thought, BUT I know we all have to make the best decision for our birds don't we? IF we took him to another avian vet or back to this one, they would do tests, etc etc and I feel at this point in time, we just cannot subject him to all this again. I don't even like writing this but because I don't know what others would do in the circumstances I really would like to hear some comments. I LOVE my darling baby, probably too much because I don't want to let go but I can't bear to see him like this. It's been over a week since the injection made him unwell and I can't see any signs of him getting better than this but would hope I'm wrong. Please help me with your thoughts and feelings, I need to do the best for him as I don't want him to suffer with the way he is going. Thank you for your help, I will take on board all your comments. hugs to you all Chrissie
  12. Hi again, Tuesday morning... I took Percy to the vet yesterday afternoon (I used to see this avian vet but he'd moved from the practice and I didn't know where). He said Percy needed to be hospitalised and is going to keep him in until Wednesday. Said he would crop feed him, give him antibiotics and also x-ray him re the leg etc. I was upset at leaving Percy of course, but also relieved, as though a weight had been lifted off of me. I guess that's because I've been watching him deteriorate and could do nothing for him and at least now he stands a chance. Mark, the vet, said he would phone me today and let me know how things were....so I'm keeping everything crossed that my baby comes through this. I STILL feel his deterioration is down to that ruddy injection, god knows what it's done to him and I'm trying to find out if it was safe for birds...written to the company about it but not sure if I will get a reply. Percy was eating and drinking BEFORE the injection but went downhill as soon as he had it. Again I will keep you posted and again, thanks everyone for being there for Percy and me. Chrissie
  13. Monday Morning... Last night Percy came to more and was eating our food and even a little of his seed. He was coming over to me and was playing a little while too. I can't tell you what that meant to me. His poo's are still mostly water which"squirts" out of him. Droppings overnight were, as has been most nights, very little and this morning he is very fluffed and on his swing (his perch). He did however come out to eat some boiled egg which he loves which I'm pleased about but he is very unwell now with him just sitting/sleeping. I am desperately trying to find an avian vet... in fact the one who is over 20 miles away has just replied to my email for me to phone them so hopefully Percy will be seen today. Again I will keep you posted....I don't know what I'd do without the good folk on here who have seen me through lots of difficult times over the years - thank you all. hugs Chrissie
  14. Thanks for your help though Elly, it's comforting to know that people care. He has bucked up a little this morning (Sunday), doesn't really want his food so I mixed up some breakfast cereal in water to go to a mash and he loved it. Droppings are still few and far between and still mostly black though some are soft grey again. He just wants us to be with him which is understandable, but he is chirping, flying around and getting annoyed.... my Percy seems on the way back. I've emailed an avian vet who lives over 20 miles away and hopefully if Percy is okay to travel we will take him there IF he will see him. We need to know exactly what is going on re the leg problem and also if the Ceftazidime has caused this latest problem. I feel it has as he was eating and drinking fine before it, the only problem was the usual one, poo's sticking to him and really green stained. Thank again for your support, I will keep you posted. hugs Chrissie
  15. Hi Elly They have in the past done blood and fecal tests and one vet did an xray. They diagnosed the liver disease from the blood test and then a couple of years later the xray revealved he had enlarged liver. I have seen 4 avian vets... well 3 and a half really as my local vet, although down as avian, he sees other animals too and he's the one I have least confidence in. I feel I've been let down by the vets over the 6 yrs, the best one being the female "exotic species" vet who is the one on 3 weeks holiday. She seemed to know what she was talking about and was the one who said Percy could have testicular cancer because of the leg problem, but she didn't offer tests at the time. Percy has gone from eating quite a bit this morning to eating not much at all this afternoon and evening. He doesn't seem to want his pellets or his seed and so I am giving him digestive biscuit when he will take it, even though I know it's not good for him but he IS eating it and in fact only wants our food. I am going to try and get him an appt with the vet who did the xray 2 yrs ago, he moved practice and I've just found him again so I will email him and see if he will help. It's a long drive and neither of us are in the best of health ourselves so it is all a strain and lots of stress as you may imagine. I feel that Percy is going down now, he is still talking at times, but for several hours he has been asleep or fluffed up on his perch. I've held his seed and pellets up to him and he just picks them up and drops them, I've done the same with brocolli and he pulls the florets off and drops them so I just had to try the biscuit which he is really going for. As far as I'm concerned if he will eat something then it might just help him.....I'm soooo upset now I'm really at my wits end at what to do. The poos when he does them are black still and with water at other times..... and all this has gone this way since that ****** injection of ceftazidime. I know he had a gut problem before I took him to the vet, but he was eating well and going to poo even if it was stuck to him.... but the injection put paid to all that. I don't know what to say.....maybe this is going towards the end, not that I want to think about it but it's going to happen one day isn't it? I will still try my best and do what I can for my darling baby, he still cuddles up when he can and is flying when he's out of the cage, but for how much longer...... hugs to everyone Chrissie x
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