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  1. Hi, I'm new to this site and not an experienced budgie keeper. We have three budgies in a good sized cage and they have been happily living together for over twelve months. Recently a rat chewed a hole in the bottom of the cage and it allowed one of our birds to escape and it never returned. We bought a new budgie from our local pet store to replace it. This new budgie has splayed legs. The lady at the pet store assured me it was something that will correct itself as it grows stronger. I have been reading up on the subject and I'm beginning to realise that this is not the case. When we put the bird into our cage at home. Our male budgie started to attack the baby immediately. I have removed him (or her) from the cage and purchased a cage that it can stay in by itself. The lady at the pet store told me that the budgie is 7 weeks old. My question is, is that too late to try and correct the legs? Will I do more harm than good to even try? He spends most of his day at the bottom of the cage but occasionally he tries to climb up the cage. I really hope there is something I can do to help him. I will take him to vet if things don't improve quickly. Just thought I ask here first to see if it was worth me trying to correct the problem myself. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
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