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  1. Any animal in pain without recourse of healing needs the final sleep. The “good death” as opposed to a horrible one. Including humans. And certainly for myself. In America we have the DNR. Do Not Resuscitate; decided by us and signed by our doctor and our witnesses. Some humans have a lot of trouble making that decision. I did not. I wish to be as peaceful and relaxed as possible should i be taken off of life support. I would want no less for my dear animals. We have hospice to care for terminally ill humans. We could organize that for exceptionally emotional pet owners; to support each other in preparing for loss. Do not be afraid of death, for as wisdom tells us, it has been our patient friend all along. Make sure to take comfort in it, for it is promised to all.
  2. In the western USA, in Oregon, Portland region, there are precious few Avian Vets. Having moved to 6 miles south of Lake Oswego area; a fancy Portland suburb where there is a bird vet, I decided to drive to the avian veterinarian’s office to meet the doctor, be aware of travel time and say hello. I wanted to know the face of the doctor who might meet my four budgies. I found the office a frantic place, due to a number of emergency visits; bird owners sitting nervously in the waiting area. I still have yet to meet the doctor, of course, with the pandemic, it’s not likely to be soon. However, i was told that a “well-bird” checkup would cost $84 dollars a budgie, with possible $150 per bird if any test was needed. Budgies in the Portland Oregon region retail for $25 each. DNA gender tests can range from $45 to $60 in young budgies. I found out that in some pieds and other mutations, cere color and detail can sometimes not be a trusted indicator of gender. There needs to be a safe way for serious bird keepers to learn how to 🧬 DNA test our own birds correctly. $150 a budgie for a simple test is too steep for my budget. We must find a better way.
  3. I find my four budgies to eat or at least pick at droppings if they do not get millet spray within 30 minutes of searching for it. Im trying to get them onto Harrisons excellent budgie Fine Pellets. They are not going easily to that !😢
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