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  1. I can't take any photos right now, but.. I'm 14, and live with my parents. I refilled a large, half- foot high, less- than- a- foot wide container, and my blue budgie managed to eat it within 2 days, with little help from my yellow budgie. My blue budgie seems fat, because you can't see his keel- and can't run well, but my mother says otherwise. She always spoils our pets. Every pet we get ourselves and want to take care of ourselves, she always spoils them much more. When I told her that he was fat, she ignored that and yelled at me for "not refilling the food". Usually I refill i
  2. Fyodirr


    Hello! I'm Zsofia/Sophia. I own 2 budgies (for about a year now). One is a blue (pretty plain) budgie named Bart, and the other a yellow pied named Cocoa. They are very special to me. Wings are clipped, they sit on fingers. Cocoa tends to follow Bart around a lot.