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  1. Yoshi was a forlorn cobalt blue parakeet who was selected from among a number of well groomed green parakeets who seemed to dislike him. He looked like he had fought with the others; his feathers were ruffled. It seemed to have been ostracized and picked on by the others. I watched the other's picking on him. I dropped by that pet store with the hopes of finding a male bird to mate with two females I had at that time. Feeling sorry for Yoshi, I bought him although he wasn't exactly what I was after. We were looking to replace a beautiful sky blue and white cock with an impressive posture and a distinguished flair in it's feathers which gave him a strong and commanding look which had just died. As beautiful as that bird was, it had failed to demonstrate any interest in my hens. To make a long story short, it turned out that Yoshi became very interested in one of my Hens and we soon had quite a number of single Yellowface birds. Yoshi was the most industrious bird, always very attentive to the needs of his hen as she tended to their eggs. Judging by the distribution of his progeny my best theory now is he may have had a double Yellowface mutation; about half of his offspring were yellow faces although neither he or his Hen had a yellow face. I still have one of Yoshi's Yellowface offspring – a cock. At this point I would like to breed that cock with another cobalt blue yellowface. My main reason for joining this club is to find a breeding age cobalt blue yellowface Hen to continue Yoshi's legacy. Any information that could lead to acquiring such a specimen would be most appreciated. Thank you very much.
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