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  1. Hey there friends, my mum came inside from looking at my aviary today, and told me that one of them seems sick. I never saw any of this myself, so I can’t tell you exactly what happened, but apparently he tried to fly back to a perch and fell. She also said that he sat in the corner and closed his eyes after falling. She also told me that he was having trouble gripping with one of his feet. She was also able to pet him while he was on the ground, but this may not be related since he’s the friendliest budgie in the aviary. I handled him a lot when he was a baby. She took him inside in a smaller cage, and then told me all this. At first I was really scared it was a stroke, as I’ve lost a lot of birds that way, including his grandfather. But when I came to see him, he is acting completely healthy. Very alert, flying around the cage every time he gets scared by one of my other birds noises, etc. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with him, and this worries me. The nearest avian vet is almost an hour away, and we have a 5k radius because of covid. Would appreciate help asap, as I’m scared this could be a serious issue.
  2. I really need an answer soon, I want him to be okay
  3. I have a male budgie who is a few years old and having balance issues. My mum called me frantically and said he was flailing his wings in the air. I ran in thinking it might be a stroke, but he climbed back up to the perch and is constantly swaying from side to side. He’s trying to move from side to side on the perch but the swaying is making it hard. He can fly just fine. He’s had 3 clutches of eggs with his mate in his life. I moved him into a new cage yesterday to make room for my new princess parrot. I was keeping him with his youngest babies who are about 6 months old since one of the budgies in the bigger cage was aggressive towards them, but since they’re older now he’s leaving them alone. He seemed fine when I moved him, and only started showing these symptoms a few hours ago. I don’t know if he maybe has some sort of neurological issue, maybe he was hit on the head somehow? I don’t know how this has happened. I don’t know if it could still be a stroke, but that’s one of my ideas. He seems fine other than the balance issues. If there’s nothing I can do for him myself, do you think he’d be okay for another 2 days? I’m taking my eclectus to an avian vet to get her nails trimmed. Would I have to pay extra to take him as well? Vets are closed at this time, so I can’t take him right now. Also, with my new princess parrot, she’s accidentally come in contact with my other birds. I only got her today, but I’ve been seeing her for months. The pet shop I got her from said she’d been vet checked when she came in as they have a vet attached to the shop. It’s a good pet shop, I’ve never seen an unhealthy bird there. They keep the cages clean and give the birds fruit and veg. They said it would be alright not to quarantine her, but I’m still wanting to do that anyways. I don’t have a big house so they are in the same room, but her cage is far from the rest of the birds. But when I took her out, she flew to my other princess parrots cage. She seems healthy, except her flight feathers are clipped a bit too far down but that’s not going to effect the other birds. What should I do? They were pretty close to each other. What if she is sick?
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