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  1. My budgie Jo, loves a bath. He flips into the bath bowl head first. She doesn’t flutter her wings delicately to splash water up, she literally stretches her wings out in a swimming motion! She floats like that on her side and has just laid there on her back! I place the bath bowl near hanging rings and Jo will hang upside down dipping his head and fluttering then let go of ring and fall into the water like a dive! Is she JUST bathing, or ENJOYING a swim?
  2. I have a female yellow budgie that has the humping habit as well. My Penelope has one of those little wind up hopping chicks that is fuzzy yellow. When it is on the top of her cage, she will knock the chick over on its side, wedge it’s feet and the wind up knob between the bars. She then stands on top of it wagging away with her tail, pecking its eyes and beak the whole time chirping. When she gets close to climax, she spreads her wings over the little chick, chirps and wags faster then shouts when she reaches it. She has even tipped over on her back before and never missed a lick! My other fe
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