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  1. Very pretty, love the colours. How are they doing?
  2. Sorry for your loss. Female budgies are very picky about their mates for some reason. My first pair of budgies had pretty much the same thing going on until we got two more. The new boy Guapo immediately got the girl whilst poor Blue has been single for at least a year. I wouldn't be concerned about him hitting her as males aren't really aggressive. If she looks injured then it might be a problem (males can get quite excited). Just make sure to keep an eye on them in the mean time. [not an expert By The Way]
  3. ~Kami~


    Welcome to BBC! Two females would probably fight (crazy hens I know) but a mixture or two boys would be fine. I wish you luck with your budgie adventure
  4. I'm no expert (Google helps a lot) but it looks like a young male to me. Females tend to have really really light blue ceres when they are young that turn into a brownish white whilst males are a blueish purple. It is hard to tell when they are this young so you should probably wait a bit before making any assumptions. Hope this helps!
  5. Around a month ago Silva got her toe caught in the door. It was bleeding but not dripping and eventually a scab formed. After applying antiseptic for a week the scratch healed completely. However even a month later the toe still looks slightly flatter compared to her other foot although it doesn't look like she is in any pain/discomfort. Is there any way to help get the toe back to normal, will it heal on its own or is it permanent?
  6. Thanks for the pictures! Very cute. Any names or preferred colours?
  7. Budgie Rainbow October! Featuring... (not in any order) ♡Mufasa ♡Cloudy ♡Bob ♡Snowflake ♡Sparky ♡Silva ♡Moon ♡Kiwi ♡Blubabywhajejjikissyboy ♡Guapo The next budgie rainbow is starting when we have some more pictures. Thanks to all those who participated! (Ignore my garbage editing please, volunteers are welcome to help out)
  8. Forgot this place existed. Whoops. I might as well make the rainbow now with some of my babies too. Love the pics so far!
  9. Post as many budgie pictures as you want (preferably your own). At the end of every year I'll put them all together to make a rainbow!
  10. I have recently gotten a new bird called Silva. She is black and white but still needs some time to adjust to living here. 1. How rare is her colour? 2. What genes/mutations cause her to be like that? 3. How can I help her fit in with my other 3 budgies?
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