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  1. Hello,Somebody came a few hours ago to buy a few Budgies off me. When he was about to go they asked us saying “I have a baby budgie who always lays on its back, has one bigger wing and one smaller wing and doesn’t eat itself. Only the mum feeds it”. He said what can I do, is it going to die? I said I am not sure but I will see and contact you later and I have now asked for a picture of the baby. That is all the description I have so far of the baby. I have never heard or seen of this problem so I am not experienced in this but I am here to see if anybody knows of this. Thanks a lot. I have now got some pictures
  2. PLEASE HELP! I found my two baby budgies severely attacked by another bird. I have separated that bird into a smaller cage. The greener baby has its beak loose on one side. I have absolutely no vets near me and I can not travel because of this whole annoying pandemic. The bleeding has stopped but I am scared for the green baby as I do not know what to do with it’s beak and I am not sure what I will feed it in the future because no pet shops near me sell baby formula except for Ebay and Amazon (Couriers are from China). I am very experienced but this is the first ever time I have encountered a problem like this. Thanks all IMG_1236.MP4 IMG_1243.MOV
  3. Hello, My mother budgie has killed three of her chicks (I am not sure how). She has left the oldest still alive which is now 10 days old. The oldest chick has splayed legs (we are taking care of that) but is not getting enough food and has not opened his/her eyes yet. Please help? Should I give this chick to another pair that has chicks or should I try and bring it in and help it myself? If so please give me a homemade recipe to budgie chick formula. Due to location circumstances, there is no places that I can buy formula except from eBay/amazon. They live in an aviary (heated and is protected from drafts). Thanks to all.
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