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  1. Based on these photos Kiwi is a boy and Tiki is a girl. I love the matching names, so cute!❣️
  2. Did you take this photo? If so what a gorgeous bird and picture!
  3. They're all so gorgeous oh my goodness! I have never seen a bird like the dark blue variation so if it were me I would choose it but you can't go wrong no matter what you choose.
  4. I had an absolutely horrific case of Coccidiosis that wiped out 6 birds from my aviary, one of them was the first budgie I ever bought and another two I hand raised myself 😔 When I spoke to a vet they told me to give them vitamin B3. If the vet had diagnosed it correctly the first time all 6 birds or at least 5 birds would still be alive today.
  5. I so appreciate this. It is absolutely heartbreaking when you have to but sometimes it's the most humane thing to do. Better people be frustrated that it's being discussed than others accidently doing awful things to their birds.
  6. Hi everyone 😄! I bought this beautiful baby boy about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely adore him. In the last couple of days I have noticed these strange brown-blackish markings on his beak. He has been pruning himself like mad everyday (I have sprayed him and my aviary for mites and lice) and when I took this photo today I discovered he's also scratching at his beak. I'm nervous but I'm hoping it's just a bruise as he's always harassing one of my older males (No serious harm but every now and then the but beaks 😝 ) In google-fashion upon doing a search a bunch of horrifying things come up. I
  7. The only time I have ever heard a success story with Lovebirds and budgies is when both were separated from their parents and hand raised together. Everything else has been horror stories of love bird mutilating budgies.
  8. I have the exact same issue with Myna birds and had put out a rubber snake to scare them away, which worked for about 2 days. One day while I was rotating my rubber snakes there was a massive wedge tailed eagle perching in a tree watching the birds. I had a heart attack as I have a small dog outside who does a good job at scaring away the birds who attack but I knew this bird could kill her easily. When it saw me it freaked out, swopped down and took my rubber snake!!!! I don't put them out anymore because I don't want him to come out incase. Pretty amazing though! I have lined my aviary with
  9. What a Cutie! The red eyes and the colour of the yellow makes me believe she's a lutino with cinnamon wings. Some people will pay extra for lutinos as they like the colouring, but that's just the same for a lot of colour variations.
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