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  1. I’ve had this happen several times. It’s common when hand rearing chicks (without parent assistance). It’s usually because the feeder is not matching the pace at which the chick swallows food. This is an easy blunder to make. Don’t be alarmed by it. Also, there’s no need to express the air from the crop. Surprising as it sounds, the chick will correct the problem with its own flatulence. ...yes, that’s right. The chick will just have gas until it’s successful farted away all that excess air. You may notice some soft popping sounds, that are eerily similar to the sounds a chick makes when it is aspirating. It’s unsettling at first, but that’s the same sound chicks make when they’re farting. If you have doubt about whether a chick has gas, or is aspirating, just look for these particular signs : 1- Is the chick spasming into a weird L shaped yoga position, then curling up into the fetal position, only to spasm again repeatedly? If yes, your chick is aspirating. 2- Is your chick desperately gasping for air, in at irregular intervals, with a wide open mouth that resembles a koi fish feeding at the surface in a frenzy? If yes, your chick is aspirating. 3- Is your chick sleeping peacefully, while breathing at a normal rate, all while little popping sounds occur simultaneously with frequent puckering of the chicks vent? If so, your chick has gas. It’s fine. Just pretend your chick is actually a drunk friend, and let the chick sleep it off. Attempting to force air out of the chicks crop, may result in the chick’s crop bursting like a balloon. It can also potentially do damage to the crops sphincter. Hope this was helpful!
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