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  1. Sorry for a late reply, but I don't think leg rings have anything to do with age or color of the budgie. I've bought two budgies from the same place and only one of them had a leg ring. Usually, the rings are just for the breeder/seller to keep track of the bird and don't have any other specific purpose. (it could be identifying gender or age, but that's not always the case.)
  2. That was how my youngest budgie Skylar acted. Skylar wasn't finger trained, though. I've had him for three years now, and it took two of those years to hand train him. He was exactly like that, super anxious and didn't like to ever be out of his cage. I had another bird when I got Skylar though, and that made all the difference. I would definitely suggest getting two birds. It will calm your budgie down if the two get along. And I agree with Skye Lily that you should get your feathered friend some more toys to play with.
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