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  1. Hi Recently I have had one of my female die while I was on holiday so my even number (3M 3F) has changed (3M 2F) . Both my other hens have gone into season so I have had to split the cages. The problem is my oldest Male (my rescue so he's not tame) is not fitting in in either cage. Cage 1 he's ignored and looks lonely. Cage 2 he is chased by the other male. I'm not sure what cage is best. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  2. Thank you. I now have the problem that she just attacked the male for going in the box. She has been letting the male in all the time before this. Should I remove the male?
  3. I have a female budgie that has one chick that is 20 days old. I was wondering if the hen should be leaving the nest more then she does. She only leaves for no longer then 5 minutes and that is at most three times a day. Thank you for any help given
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