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  1. There is a distinct way they chirp when they are angry. There is one loud chirp as if its calling out 'hello anybody around' and its kinda ringy on the ears. They make it when hear other budgies chirp or a similar sound. Also there is an angry chirp that is more sounding like they are sounding the letter 'ch' over and over. They make that sound also when they don't want to be touched. Mine make it when they are feeling cocky or naughty. I love to mimic it back at them and they fly angrily over my head.
  2. So my female budgie often sleeps like this. I cannot imagine how this could be classified as comfortable. As you can see from the photos she climbes to the ceiling of the cage and spreads her legs attaching one to the side of the cage and one to the ceiling. So bizarre! She doesn't look sick, chirps, flirts with it's mate, eats, flies as usual, cleans it's feathers daily, breathes normally, poops normally. There also is no lump on the tummy to indicate that she is trying but cannot lay eggs. Pray for my budgie, I guess there is nothing wrong with her she is just a weirdo 😂
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