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  1. Thanks for the information, Derek. Personally, I've always disliked Facebook from the formatting perspective and difficulty of navigating the site, never mind the revelations of how it's been monetizing our personal information and making the poorly-informed and weak-willed fodder for nefarious disinformation. Between FB and Google, I almost hate to power up my laptop some days knowing that I'll be assaulted with ads and "offers" that I don't care to take up.
  2. I'm a former U.S. champion breeder/exhibitor (along with and due in no small part to my late wife) who's getting back into the hobby after a 20-year lay-off. Some things have changed but a lot is coming back to me quickly. Found BBC through a Google search on goldenface budgies. There's no "official" U.S. abbreviation for that mutation so I'm using GF. Do you folks have nomenclature for that type? I presently have a "stud" of 7 birds (two 6-7 month-old cocks and five really young hens) with one pair (GFS cock + CnGy hen) up at the moment and awaiting a DG hen to come into condition before putting her with a GG cock. I hope I'm not pushing them too much. I'm also casting about for more cocks as my remaining hens are all cobalts of one type or another and I love blue-series birds. While I have many contacts here is the States, I feel it never hurts to be in contact with others with whom I share the hobby.
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