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  1. I lost my budgie, Sky, when my friend opened the budgie's cages to feed them. Sky flew away. It's been 15 days since he was gone. I miss him.šŸ˜­
  2. ORANGE SURPRISE!!! stuff lots of vegs and frus into i emty orange. Serve to budies.
  3. spend lots of time with him. My budgie is on my head preening my hair rigth now.
  4. maybe u should take him into a sperate caeg so thay they could see each other but cannot reach.
  5. Hello everyone ! These days my sky& kiwi is playing outside. In fact sky is on top of my computer as i type this right now. *AWW!!!* and kiwi also *DOUBLE AWW!!!* okay anyways these days my budgis are loving fresh veggies very much and i am thinking of planting a little floweer pot full of plants that they could eat. I have some millet grass sprouting in the pot and i want to add some more that they ca eat. Anyone hav an idea peeaze share with me!!šŸ˜‰
  6. this is my famous Chickweed Freeze: Chickweed ( without chemicals) millet chopped veggies ( i used lettuce) fruit juice (i use orange) put chickweed millet veg into ice cube tray. Pour juice on top of the other ingredients until covered. Freez and serve 2 budgies!
  7. HELP BUDGIES NOT STEPPING UP AFTER SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i spent a lot of time trying to tame my two budgies and they steps up but after they just run away. They sometimes perch on my hand but gets off after twelve seconds. when i try to make them perch again they just run around the cage and just hiding in there. i need some help.šŸ˜•
  8. hello fellow budgie lovers my two budgies sky and kiwi seems to be very itchy these days and scratch their head anywhere they can find;the bars, the perches, their toys, any thing! is this normal for my fluffies and, if not, how do i stop it?
  9. my budgies let me touch them, but only their bodies.
  10. i think you should first place your hand outside the cage and let your budgie get used to ur hand. if its puffed up its usually a good sign. budgies puff up when they are relaxed or sleepy.
  11. i lost my budgie last year and i miss them sooooooo much.šŸ˜­
  12. Poor budgies. Being dyed. How would you feel like if you had paint on you and you cant get it off, with people telling other people how you are born pink.
  13. i think you should make her spend more time with the male budgie outside the cage and hopefully she should stop pestering him.
  14. i made a tissue pinata, a ball of yarn, and a homemade rope toy that i made for them in their cage. budgies likes them.
  15. hi guys i just got my budgies one is called Sky and she is a dominant sky blue pied budgie and the other is called Kiwi and he is a greywing light green parakeet. they are not hand tamed (yet!) but are not afraid of my hand. i've been hand feeding them some native plants that i collect when i go hiking and is one of the budgie's favorite foods, even more than their treats and millet! but the problem is, i only know a few types of species of wild plants that they can eat, so i would like you to suggest some forage plants and native grass seeds that my two adorable budgies can eat. Happy new yea
  16. i just got my budgies 2 days ago. They seemed quite tame even from the beginning. One is sky blue and one is light green with yellow head. They stepped up the second day i got them. I think you should gain more trust then let they out.
  17. instead of millet, use whatever your budgies favorite food is. is Olive is still afraid, take a some time to train it step by step (my budgie Sky stepped up the second day of getting her by this strategy of getting used to first) 1. stroke or touch the cage in some way . if the budgie runs away, stay where you are and don't touch your budgie through the bars of the cage because this may frighten them . 2. put your hand closer to the budgie. if it runs, go back to step 1. 3. once you went through steps 1 and 2, put your hand on the bottom of the cage. 4. move it on to a pe
  18. i accidentally wrote my club as "Sky and Kiwi" because i thought that you were supposed to type your budgie's NAME. do anyone have an idea how to fix this mistake?
  19. i have two adorable budgies called Sky and Kiwi. I just got them some grass that was growing in my yard and i am absolutely sure that i had not put ANY chemicals in the soil. I researched it and saw that it was called "Rough Bluegrass". My budgies absolutely love it when i bring home native grasses for them to eat. For the picture i think it is edible (it looks like some sort of wild wheat) but i am not sure because it is not a very clear picture of grass.
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