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Hello! My name is Eileen and i totally love budgies with all my heart! ❤️ I am usually al very calm person ( unless you do not do something that you can and need to do, in which case i will get super mad)  My budgies are called Sky and Kiwi. they are both around 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 months of age and love fresh native plants that i gather when i go hiking. I have a little brother who always like to bother my budgies by rattling their cage.  My interests are nature and art. My personalities are : persevering, loyal, and very protective. for example

bully ( to my friend mariko or Katie) blah blah blah 

me: ha ha, very funny, now leave her alone, NOW.

fun fact: did you know that i play the flute every day to my budgies? they seems to enjoy them and their favorite song so far is Arirang, which Sky seems to enjoy as a bedtime song sometimes they also chirp happily to the song. Kiwi is a bit shy and Sky is not, so it was her who hopped up on my hand while step-up training instead of Kiwi, who is a shy male. anyone would have thought that Sky is the male and Kiwi is the female because Sky is a lot taller than Kiwi and is almost always the first to try new toys and foods. Sky lives up to her name: her feathers are a pale sky blue with white, like fluffy clouds upon  a sky- blue canvas.  they are both beautiful and i live them with all my heart. 

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