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  1. My condolences! Thats most unfortunate
  2. I'd recomend just going the easy way and sprouting organic vegtabled for them.
  3. You may want to try and set it, but if he doesn;t like it or you're not confident in your handiwork you should probaly take him to the vet. Hope he gets better!
  4. Try handfeeding out of bottle. You may need to buy a hen to raise it, but as a last resort
  5. This isn't the morst uncommon, perhaps just keave the male in for a while longer, and if she continues to attack him move him.
  6. She may just be caring for the chick. She probably grabs food and then gives it to the chick, whilst caring for it.
  7. Yes, just make sure you have something to keep the chick's legs from slipping and getting splayed legs.
  8. It's possible that his wings are clipped from the breeder/shop, or they may be broken.
  9. They appear to be two males, about 3-4 months.
  10. I learned the hard way not to count you chicks before they hatch. I had a red budgie, but she was actually sick with improper circulation, causing her feathers to be red. She, unfortunetly, died.
  11. probably the eggs died. sorry
  12. I explained a one week process here.
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