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  1. Your birds are beautiful Tiki! It looks like the blue is definitely a female. The green actually looks like a female to me as well. She is kinda young so it is hard to tell. If you would send me some later pics that would help. Another way to tell budgies gender (though not always as accurately.) is to watch behavior. Male budgies will be louder and bob their heads and dance around the female. Females are a bit more aggressive. Note: not of these characteristics apply to all birds. So some pics would really help us be sure.
  2. Your bird is beautiful! He looks like a male to me. How old is he? He looks like he is 6 months old to me. Hope this helped! YellowFeather
  3. Hello Jane and welcome to the forums! My advice would be to try to clipping your birds wings, but do not attempt to do this if you aren’t really sure what you are doing. Clipping his wings will help you train him better because he will not be able to just fly away, therefore giving you a better shot at training him. Try to spend as much time as possible with him, and talk to him. Also, you probably should remove the mirror if he interacts with it and treats it like another bird. If he doesn’t it probably is not an issue. And try to keep hand feeding him like you mentioned as much as possible. Start by trying to hold him in his cage first as well, then progress to holding him outside of the cage. As for his diet, try finely dicing vegetables or fruits into his food box with his normal food. It will make him have to eat around the “gross stuff” and he will eventually eat some, and find out that it isn’t that bad. Note: do NOT give your bird avocado, as it is toxic to them. Good luck! Keep me updated. Hope this helped! YellowFeather
  4. Baby budgies cuddling is pretty normal behavior. She will most likely grow out of it though. Jade looks like a beautiful female to me! If you could send some more close-ups of her cere that would be helpful. As for what you said about wanting to get another budgie of the same gender, you probably don’t need to worry about housing budgies of the opposite gender together as they need specific things to start breeding. Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
  5. Female budgies many times do not get along well together, sometimes you just have to wait though it and the problem will pass over. If any budgies are getting hurt badly separate them IMMEDIATELY. Your males should cope well even if they are separated, if their cages are near enough to each other they may start a long distance relationship. If you have any other questions just ask! Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
  6. Your birds are beautiful budluv! Looks like to me that all your budgies are males but Sunny! If you could send some more pics that would be great! (Some of your budgies are not fully mature) Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
  7. Your beautiful budgie definitely is a male. He is very handsome! You say he is a baby? He looks pretty much fully matured too me. -YellowFeather
  8. Too tell the gender of a budgie you look at its cere, (nose.) if the budgies cere is white/ tannish colored it is a girl. If a budgies cere is a strong, deep blue/purple color it is a boy. At a young age, budgies genders are harder too recognize. You can tell whether or not your budgie is at full maturity by looking at its head. If the head is barred, it is a juvenile. If the head is a solid cap of yellow or white feathers, it is fully matured. Your budgie looks like a beautiful juvenile female! Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
  9. Hey everyone! I am new too BBC and am really liking it! I will post pictures of my flock and new arrivals here -YellowFeather
  10. Your beautiful budgie looks like a female too me! I own a female Lutino budgie myself, they are such a pleasure too own! -YellowFeather
  11. Hmm, looks like a female too me. At a young age budgies genders are a little difficult to identify. If you could send pictures a few weeks later I could make sure that your budgie really is a female. Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
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