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  1. I strongly suspect that my budgie has polyomavirus. He has deformed wings as described in all the literature I have read however he is now 6 1/2 months old and from what I have read, it is a bit old to be exhibiting the symptoms now and should be dead! Apart from his wing problems, he is well.
  2. I have been giving my budgies soaked grain for a few years but they appear to be very fat. I use wheat, rye and barley. How much should I give per bird and how often.
  3. Justbev


    I joined the forum to warn people that ending the life of your own bird is traumatic. I had to do it last weekend so looked in the forum to find out the most humane way. I have read about many ways and they all sounded horrendous until I found a method recommended on this forum. Although it made me feel sick, I did it only to wish that I hadn't as I have been traumatised ever since. It was painless and reasonably quick as described but there must be something better as I still felt her little body react. I have been breeding on a very small scale for about six years and this is the first time that I have had to take this measure.
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