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  1. The birds will tell you when they want to Breed. My three couples laid in August this year even though I am in Victoria and it is freezing cold.
  2. I have just had two tiny first day old chicks die from a clutch of six. I thought it was because they had been squashed as they were so much smaller than the larger chicks but according to Kas they probably had some other issues. I did check on the last one this morning and put it aside so mum would see it but it was dead and under all the others when I came home. It is so distressing to see the poor little mites die after their mammoth effort of getting out of the egg. This is the first time I have experienced this in about ten years of breeding a few every year so I am thinking maybe it could be genetic thing with these particular parents.
  3. I have had awful trouble trying to remove hardened poop from chicks feet. I have tried changing diet and nesting material but to no avail. Have watched several videos where they soften with water until soft enough to remove but this is extremely time consuming when you have a number of chicks with the same problem and quite distressing to the bird because of the time spent. Yet again I searched the internet and this time found breeders using pliers. Ordinary full size pliers. Wow! It works a treat. Very quick and no wet babies. It is surprising easy to control the pliers until the cement boot gives way and you can just knock it off.
  4. I strongly suspect that my budgie has polyomavirus. He has deformed wings as described in all the literature I have read however he is now 6 1/2 months old and from what I have read, it is a bit old to be exhibiting the symptoms now and should be dead! Apart from his wing problems, he is well.
  5. I have been giving my budgies soaked grain for a few years but they appear to be very fat. I use wheat, rye and barley. How much should I give per bird and how often.
  6. Justbev


    I joined the forum to warn people that ending the life of your own bird is traumatic. I had to do it last weekend so looked in the forum to find out the most humane way. I have read about many ways and they all sounded horrendous until I found a method recommended on this forum. Although it made me feel sick, I did it only to wish that I hadn't as I have been traumatised ever since. It was painless and reasonably quick as described but there must be something better as I still felt her little body react. I have been breeding on a very small scale for about six years and this is the first time that I have had to take this measure.
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