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  1. Hello, I was wanting to have another opinion on a matter I have been extensively researching. I will have an aviary in my backyard soon, it'll be very large, at least 26ft (8m) maybe even 32ft (10m) that's if my persuasive skills are good enough. Anyways, I wish to house 5 different species of birds together in that aviary, which include budgies, grass parrots (red Rumped), King quail, Cockatiel and Princess Parrots. Of course I will keep a limited amount of each species as not to cause distress and a lot of places to hide. Food will be plentiful and entertainment as well. But my general question here is will all my birds live happily and peacefully co-existing with one another? Of course, I'm not naive to think there wont be fights now and then, but as I mentioned there will be safe places for all (I'm looking at you budgies <^<) to hide in. As I've also stated I've done a lot of research and found it varied depending on circumstances, but I want more opinion on this from people who've had the experience keeping budgies with other species.(or people who have had budgies in large aviaries)
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