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  1. Hello all member, Sugar Ant Hotel The ants go walking one by one into this custom made sugar subterranean insect in. We make three to six of them each insect season—a family custom—and place a couple in the kitchen, and wherever else ants get a kick out of the chance to visit. These subterranean insect trap inns totally freed our place of these normal spring and summer bugs, however, I likewise have a nontoxic insect splash up my sleeve, which I share, here, as well. Sugar Ant Hotel 1 glass borax 1 glass sugar water 4 shallow glass jugs with screw tops (little jug of marinated artichoke heart containers are perfect) 4 free wads of bathroom tissue In a bowl, blend the borax and sugar. Place a free wad of bathroom tissue into every one of four distinctive screw-top containers. Pour a fourth of the sugar and borax blend into every one of the four containers, over the tissue. Fill each container with water to one inch of the best. Screw the covers on the jugs, and with a sled and nail, make four to eight openings in the top. Place the containers in territories where you have ants (however avoid pets and youngsters). This subterranean insect trap will get the specialists yet not the ruler. A more far-reaching arrangement is to mix 1/4 measure of confectioner's sugar and one tablespoon of borax and sprinkle it in insect activity territories. There isn't sufficient borax with this strategy to slaughter the specialist ants quickly, so they take it back to the home, at last killing it. (On the off chance that the specialist ants do bite the dust at the powder, cut back on the borax.) Citrus Solvent Spray Place 1/some citrus dissolvable, (for example, Citra Solve) in a splash jug, and include some water. Splash in regions where there are ants. This works! There are likewise various herbs, for example, mint and pennyroyal, and flavors, for example, cayenne pepper, that repulse ants. ant pest control
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