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  1. So my female budgie is staying in my curtains for the past few weeks. Everyday she comes a couple times and my male budgie feeds her inside the cage (when she could just normally eat herself), she drinks some water, they do some mating and my female budgie leaves my male budgie for the curtain. During the morning, my male budgie stays in the cage then in the evening he goes up and sits on top of the curtain for the whole night while the female sits inside the curtain. We are guessing she has laid eggs but why would she choose the curtain over the breeding box? She never felt safe to leave the cage and now she suddenly feels like the curtain is the best spot. We have also noticed that there is some wet spot on only a bit of the curtain. Is that a broken egg or some really wet budgie poo? Is it normal for my budgie (that never felt comfortable leaving the cage) nest in my curtain? Is it bad for a female budgie to leave her eggs for 1 minute, multiple times a day? Thanks.
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