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  1. My winter project this year was to build an indoor aviary for our growing budgie family. The pet shop cages stacked on top of each other in true redneck fashion just wasn't doing it. We used Redwood with a red Oak stain sealed with polyurethane for the frame, Tenax 1'X3/4" (2.5cm X 1.8cm) vinyl garden netting for the mesh, coconuts for feeders and Raffia Tiki Huts to protect their internal water dishes from downfall. It's designed with modular internal panels so it can be configured anywhere from 1 up to 8 separate compartments. It is currently set up for four breeding pairs. I had a hard ti
  2. Cheers! First day here. Quick question - why do so many pictures come up like this? I would love to see them. Many thanks!