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  1. I don't actually have many new photos of the boys, my camera has been doing a great job at collecting dust the past few months. But here are a few new (ish) photos of Blinkie, Ozzie and Fizz. Stinko Blinko Blinks again Fizz Fizzy and Ozzie Blinkie when we had the cancer scare with his lame leg, he didn't hold it that awkwardly all the time but he sure wasn't using it.
  2. Bea

    Been A Long Time!

    Ouch is right!! Though i have to say i'm used to her vice grip now, it just took a while and a lot of beak marks on my fingers. Secretly she's a sweetheart!
  3. Bea

    Been A Long Time!

    Sure am!! Every week. :rip: Here are a few links to some pics. This is Zoe my conure: And this is Little Chicken: I'll get some photos of the boys up when i get a chance!
  4. It's been a long time but i just wanted to pop online and say hi! I've finished school for the year and i finally have time to stop and breathe (i feel like it's been assignments and exams all year!!) so i thought what better time than now to pop back in. :budgiedance: Not much has changed with the birds. We had a bit of a scare with Blinkie when he went lame for about 3 weeks with no apparent signs of injury. The vet and i were both concerned that he might have a testicular tumour pressing on his sciatic nerve and making him lame, but he did eventually regain use of his leg and seems as happy and healthy as ever now. Fizzy is a chronic humper, i sure wouldn't want to be a perch in the budgie cage. Ozzie is a gentleman, like always, and he tolerates his rowdy cage mates well. We had some drama in the tiel cage too! One of my friends was visiting and Cookie managed to get knelt on. Miraculously she survived, though she did require some time at the vet on fluids and pain killers. We also have another baby tiel, which i am hand rearing. She was supposed to get sold when weaned but she's squirmed her way into all our hearts. She's 3.5 weeks old and called Little Chicken (the result of me trying not to name her for the first couple of weeks). I'm not sure if i ever got around to introducing her here, but my green cheeked conure Zoe is doing well too, she's completely mental, bites like a demon and craves cuddles and kisses like a little puppy. Just yesterday i saw her laying on her back in her cage kicking a little ball around in the air. She's a real crazy little girl! Anyways, i look forward to catching up with familiar faces, and meeting all the new ones!!
  5. The only thing i would be worried about now that the bleeding has stopped is the risk of infection. I had a budgie lose all but one of her toes to another hen during breeding season (everyone was feeling a bit feisty it seems) and not knowing any better i didn't do anything. The toes healed up and she happily bossed all the other budgies around for another couple of years before passing away.
  6. That sounds like a great step towards what you want to do! Good on you! I would love to get into caring for wildlife at some point down the track to.
  7. I got the playgym for $20 from a local pet shop. It's very well loved now, and with 7 indoor birdies i really need a larger one...i might have to get to work.
  8. Bea

    New Playgym...

    That looks fantastic!! Good job!
  9. First up is bath time in their personal swimming pool! Snickers: Hey little blue crestless fella, aren't you supposed to eat that, not roll all over it? *weird looks all around* Fizzy, you know she's got the camera...right?? Next up was some territory defense... Hey you! Get off MY mummy!! You crossed the line mate! You're OUTTA HERE! Much better!! *pose* Blinkie has many different looks. These include anything from extremely manly and handsome: Too somewhat goofy...if i had twiggy legs like that i would keep them in my feathers! And i managed to sneak a couple of photos of Fizzy too. Usually if he sees me taking photos he gets all turned on and starts humping my hand...soooo helpful!
  10. This is my tiels new cage, but i thought i would post it here anyway because it would be just as fantastic for budgies. As far as i can find these double flight cages aren't easily available in Australia, so i got two single ones and got to work! Here's what i did last night: You can see the board it's sitting on is zip tied onto the stand, i was shaking and pushing at it to test for stability. And today i have..... *drumroll please* Empty. Decorated! :hap: It's large enough that Snickers is flying from perch to perch (he's too clumsy to climb yet), and all the tiels are loving it!
  11. WOW!! That looks like you had an absolutely amazing time!!! I love the photo of the little bat, so cute! All the photos are amazing.
  12. Bea


    I've seen lots of my budgies do this, they usually do it when they're put in a smaller cage from the aviary. I figure it's a trying to escape thing.
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