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  1. Hi! I have a new budgie and I have gotten him so far to step up on my finger when I have a treat between my fingers. If, on the other hand, I don't have a treat he does not step up. Most of the time, in this case, I can get my finger just under his belly, but when I try to gently push, he resists. I don't think it would be a good idea to push to hard because he will fall off the perche or escape otherwise, probably leaving him a bad memory with regard to my finger. My question: How can I get him to voluntarily step up on my finger without a treat? His wings are unclipped and he is male and just starting to molt now (so must be around 3 months old, I suppose). Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I know this thread is kind of old. May I confirm that in continental Europe, the show budgies are commonly referred to as English budgies. I can guarantee that that is the case in Italy (cocorita inglese or ondulato inglese). Also, in Germany the show budgies are called either Standard budgie, Show budgie or English budgie (Standardwellensittich, Schauwellensittich or Englischer Wellensittich). The "American" budgie is called Hansi-Bubi Wellensittich. Of course, everyone in Continental Europe knows that budgies originated from Australia, but that the English have bred their own type (for size).
  3. thanks bruffy, but I think you did not understand my question: should I clip the wings immediately when I bring the bird home or should I wait some time (days, weeks, etc.) before clipping? Which will destroy less trust in me?
  4. Hello, I was just wondering: Soon I will bring a new budgie home. I live in a country where budgies' wings are not clipped (animal activists see it as cruel...but that is another story). Should I clip the wings (I only would like to do so once, for taming purposes) immediately when I bring the budgie home, or instead wait some days/weeks before doing so? I don't want to make the bird afraid of me with irreversible damage to its trust in me. Please advise me! PS: Please do not bash me for clipping the wings. This is not a discussion if it is morally correct or not. Thanks!
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