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  1. I got my two budgies eleven days ago from a pet store. One, the male, is flighted and I do not wish to clip his wings, and the other, the female, has french molt and lacks the ability to fly. I've had them well over a week, and they will eat, drink, and sometimes climb around the cage. My issue is taming them, because they don't seem to be making any progress. They are fine with me being in the room, but when I talk to them or enter the room they'll tense up. Pierre, the male, has only eaten millet spray from me once, and Luna has never. When I hold millet spray out to them Luna will try to get away and jump off the perch, and Pierre won't move much but doesn't seem interested in the millet. I want to know the best training method, be it tunnel or not. Most places say that they should like millet and come to me that way in as little as a few days, but that doesn't seem to be working for me. Second, I would like them to be out of the cage, but I've been told I need to tame them first and haven't made progress with that. I have a play gym for them out of the cage, but have no way of getting them out. Help, please? Thank you!
  2. I recently received two budgies, a male and a female, from a pet store as a gift. I'd researched budgies and had all equipment needed to own them, so I was excited to welcome Pierre, a royal blue make budgie, and Luna, a grey female, into my house. A few days after receiving my budgies, Luna fell off of her food dish where she and Pierre had been eating, and seemed to make no attempts to fly back up. Eventually she hoisted herself up using the cage bars, and resumed eating. Later, when I had placed a new ladder into the cage, I noticed that it was blocking Luna's path to the food dish, so she had to weave around the ladder as she climbed the cage to get to her destination. After taking a closer look at Luna I realized that she was missing her secondary wing and tail feathers. After researching this I diagnosed it as french molt. What I want to know is whether or not keeping Luna and Pierre in the same cage will result in Pierre catching french molt and losing his feathers. I do not plan to breed the birds, so there wont be an issue with it being passed down to chicks, but I wanted to know is it will spread between two adult budgies. Thank you!
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