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  1. Hi I was just wanting some information please on breeding, I have a pair that shows all the signs that they may breed. The hen goes in her nest box and checks it out and the male feeds her. They have only recently just bonded and how long would it take for mating to take place? Also I have noticed that the male tries to mount her but she wont let him yet, is this going to happen all the time or is it only while they are getting use to each other? Yes I am aware of what could go wrong with Budgies. Although we have a pair of lovebirds nesting in the same area as the budgies, but of course they are no where near each other. I have attached a photo of my two budgies, I have several types of perches in their cage, a rope perch, a normal perch and branches. I have food and water low down in the cage and have attached the nest box to the outside of the cage high up. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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