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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and was hoping you could shed some light on why our 2 year old budgie has suddenly become agressive. I let our budgie out of his cage at least once a day and normally he flies around for a bit, sits on my hand or shoulder, has a chat, all often while I'm working in the kitchen or on my computer. Just lately though he's been getting very over excited with my belongings - attacking things like my watch, my hair clips, my phone, my rings. When I try and type anything on my laptop, he attacks me like it's his laptop and I'm not allowed near any of the keys! And when he gets too excited he inevitably ends up biting me very hard! I know I'm not supposed to react but it's VERY hard not to - especially when he bites my ear - ow!! How can I deal with this and is there anything I can do to tell him it's not okay? Thanks.
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