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  1. I see. The hen that doesn't lay must have fertility issues then. A shame, as she is my best looking hen and I paid a decent amount for her. I guess i'll have to hand raise the other ones when they hatch. Thanks
  2. Just wondering if you can foster eggs to an empty nest with no eggs? I will soon need to move eggs from one nest because last time the hen only fed the first chick that hatched. She has 3 eggs now. I want to hedge my bets in case this happens again. The other nest I want to move the eggs to is a paired couple where for some reason the hen doesn't lay eggs. This hen is the right age and in breeding condition but has never laid eggs for me. As well as save some chicks from the other nest, I'm hoping this will kick start this hen with no eggs to start laying. Any advice would help. Thanks, Ash
  3. Hi, I have started breeding show budgies and thought I'd join this site for advice as I'm not a member of a club. I've bought most of my birds from auctions as I'm after quality over quantity. I prefer the normal over the fancier varieties. Just trying to build my flock up again after a few years out of the hobby. I might post pics of my birds soon as well as ask for advice on breeding. I have 10 birds and will hopefully have some more soon. Keen to know people's opinions on certain topics but that's enough for this post. Great site. Cheers
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