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  1. Hello all, I'm a very new and young budgie owner and this is my first time owning budgies and need help. I have 2 male budgies, one named bobby, and one named charli. They have been together ever since we bought them and were only a few days out of the nest when we got them so they are fairly young. We have only had them for a month. We have noticed that during the day they will fight a bit whilst in their cage but never outside of it. Tonight when I got them out and had them on my shoulder every time I pat them bobby made a really really weird noise then would bit the living day lights out of my fingers and nails, none of the biting broke the skin tho. Then charli started biting me as well tho he wasn't making any weird noises. Then out of no where they started fighting each other on my shoulder and when I tried to break it up I had them both biting me. Im just concerned about them making weird noises and biting me. This is the first time bobby has never bitten, thought charli has bitten me before. Does anyone know what this means and what I should do? ( there is a video attached of the noise) Thanks. IMG_0524.MOV
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