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  1. I am in a similar situation. I have a 5 year old TCB Cock, darkgreen and I was wanting to breed him to a juvenile TCB sky blue hen. I was being a little anxious. I could have bred her to my big Violet Green Dom Pied. I am hoping a will get a good TCB male that I can use in breeding program for TCBs. I am hoping to get a good Blue TCB cock. So I just saw the hen go in the nest box, so I am keeping my fingers cross.
  2. She is not too old. She is sitting on eggs now.
  3. I want to show you a picture of my violet grey male. You can tell that it is a violet when you look at his blue throat spots. Greys tend to have greyish throat spots. I am sorry that the light is not at it best. I will try to send more pics. I have him paired to a lutino that caries the violet gene. DB45A724-2DB7-4172-9FDC-2AEA891ACDEA.heic
  4. I am glad to see that picture. I have two violet greens. One hen is a violet light green and one male is a violet dark green. Now from looking at your bird as my violets produce, I can see what a violet olive will look like. I have a spangle olive paired to a violet cobalt. I very well could get a violet olive in their clutches.
  5. I know that back a few years ago there was a discussion about violets. Things have changed since then. I had posted some time back about breeding. I have a visual violet and I was so excited. He was going to be my foundation Stud. Well he was thinking different. I just was not interested in making babies. NO WAY JOSE! So I had to look at different avenues. So with the new season, I had limited stock. I have 6 couples paired up for the season. Cage 1 is a Violet Cobalt Male Spangle with a sky blue cinnamon. Cage 2 is Violet Sky Blue Violet cobalt Male with with a Dark Green Violet Hen. Cage 3 is Violet Grey Opaline Male with a Lutino Female who carries violet. I got a very nice Violet Mauve Spangle from her. Cage 4 is a Mauve and he is paired with a Violet Cobalt Hen. Cage 5 is an Olive Spangle Male (he was the father of the Violet Mauve Spangle and he is paired with a Violet Cobalt Hen. Last is Cage 6 a Violet Sky Blue Dom Pied with a Sky Blue Recessive Pied. So all of these pairs at least one of the parent has the Violet Gene. I know they didnt want to talk about adding Grey and Green, but I needed the Violet gene. That is my plan and I will be adding images as time goes on. Couple 6 is seriously getting down to business. I am expecting eggs by next week. If you are in the same situation as I am, please feel free to talk about. Lets add pics as they come. Thanks
  6. Last year I had a young male who was from a violet cobalt dom pied and a grey opaline. So I just thought he was a cull and I was going to sell him. The more I look at him, I thought he could be a grey violet. I keep looking at the throat spots. Instead of the dull grey it became more bluer. So starting this season, I paired him with a lutino I have that carries the violet gene. Last year she threw me the prettiest violet mauve. So I am excited. I will keep u posted.
  7. I have 3 dom pieds and only one male has thrown dom pieds. I have 1 dom pied clear flight violet that has never thrown me pieds. So I bred him to a dom pied that I suspect is a recessive dom pied sky blue. I am anxious to see what I get. I will keep you posted if you like.
  8. Well folks, I am setting up my breeding pairs for 2022. I have a violet cobalt cock paired to Violet Green hen. So far she has just hatched one chick. I am hoping to get a visual violet chick. I have my visual violet Cock paired to a Lutino Hen. She is split for violet. Last year she gave me a nice violet mauve spangle male.
  9. So I have one visual violet that I bred to a lutino who is covering violet. She is also a dark green. Earlier this year I bred her to an olive spangle and she threw me a violet mauve spangle. I am trying to copy that for this breeding. Think I can?
  10. I have a violet sky blue hen who is a 2017 hatch. She is showing interest in breeding since she has been on a six month rest. Think she is too old? When do you guys stop breeding your stock?
  11. I have a dark green violet cock that I am breeding to my cobalt violet hen. I am thinking that I would have a good chance of seeing a visual violet bird in the clutch. Am I right?
  12. I am trying my best to breed violets. I had a big setback. I had a violet mauve male that I lost this summer. So I have to start over. I am breeding his parents over. I have a violet cobalt and I am pairing her with a DG violelt. I am a little fruestrated cause my visual violet cock isnt really interested in breeding and a mid 2020 hatching. Any suggestions?
  13. Well I had a bit of a set back. My violet mauve spangle flew away when my wife opened the door so I lost him. He was going to be a foundation for my violets. Boo hoo boo hoo. So my one visual violet male was a mid 2020 and I am expecting him to start breeding. I had him n with a lutino that is slplit to blue and violet. My violet mauve came from her. So she laid 6 egg but they were all clear. So that was a bummer. She only had one clutch this year. So I put her now with my olive spangle who is split for blue. Now the rest of my hens are taking a rest. I am hoping my visual violet will get the hang of mating. I am going to give him a good plucking round the vent for all of my breeders and I will see if any thing is different.
  14. I have a male that I suspect is a grey violet. His father is a violet cobalt dom pied and his mother is a grey opaline. So I plan to breed him next year and I will see what he throws.
  15. My big problem is that I have 1 visual violet, 3 violet sky blues, 2 violet greens and 1 olive. So I am going to have to wait til next season to see any cobalts and visual violets.
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