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  1. My big problem is that I have 1 visual violet, 3 violet sky blues, 2 violet greens and 1 olive. So I am going to have to wait til next season to see any cobalts and visual violets.
  2. I find myself with only one violet cobalt and three violet sky blues, 2 violet greens and one olive. So my big thing is that I have to wait.
  3. Hello, I am new. I have been interested in violets. This is my first season that I am getting results. I have a Visual Violet cock that just started breeding. I have him paired with to a cobalt recessive pied. There are chicks in the nest now. This male I will be using alot. I have two Violet green cocks that I have to use. One will only throw green since he is homozygous and one that is split. I have decided that any mauves I get I will keep the best two for next season. And I want all visual violet females. I live on an island and supply is low. So any suggestions, I will take. I tried the websites you listed, but they are not accessible.
  4. I know your pain my brother. I am trying to get my hens interested in their boxes. It was suggested to me to put some millet in the box and a little bit sticking out of the box. I am checking to see how that works. I will keep you posted.
  5. Okay so I have separated my pairs and I put the hens in the cage first. Except for one lutino hen who paired with a cobal cock. They are really interested. Another breeder told me to put millet in the nest box to lure the hens in to investigate the box. This Saturday I will put the males into the cage to see what happens. I will keep u guys posted.
  6. I am from Hawaii. Any other breeders here in Hawaii?
  7. Something must be happening here in Hawaii. All of the breeders are talking about how hard it is to get their birds to breed birds with healthy eggs. I have had my pairs in cages 1 year and they are not eager to breed.
  8. So my hen did go off her eggs. Out of 6 eggs only one was fertile. I tried pairing her with another cock, and that is why I asked the question. Before I read this post, I just put another experienced cock in with her. So I will see how that goes. My other two hens are flirting with their males and the males are feeding them, but she is not looking in the box. I knew these are at least 1 year old.
  9. Thanks, I have been watching the hen and she is still on the eggs.
  10. What about Slate? I have a spangle that I suspect is a slate. Can you give me some info on breeding him? I currently have him paired with a sky blue dilute.
  11. Thanks for the post. I agree with you, but I didnt know about the single and double dark factors in Grey Greens. I have 4 Grey Greens and they are all the same color. I was thinking that the only way I could tell was by a test breeding. Do you have any pictures of the different factors?
  12. Like Brett, it seems that my birds are taking a long time to breed. I just had a couple where the hen layed 5 eggs. She is a dark green and I have her with a Gray Green. I dont want to breed gray green. So after she layed her eggs and was sitting on them past the 24 day mark, I put a blue normal male in with her. I really want her to breed with a blue. What do you guys think? She was the first one of 3 pairs to breed. I have been feeding the birds high protein mixture and here in Hawaii the weather is mild. How can I get me more interested in breeding?
  13. Brett, you are not alone. I have 3 pairs set up to breed. Dec 1, one of my hens started to stay in their box. Other 2 nothing. One other hen went into her box but would ont lay eggs. I am learning just to be patient. My pairs have bonded, but they are not interested in laying. My birds outside in the aviary, only the males are kissy kissy I was going to ask others how can I get my birds interested. I have been feeding them a mixture of parakeet food, petamine, millet and egg food. Oh yes and I have been adding wheat germ. The one female layed 5 eggs and I only saw her breeding after the second egg was layed. She might have mated without me seeing. So if you guys know anything I am doing wrong, or if you have any suggestions, let me know.
  14. Its been almost 1 year. I have some in an outside aviary and some in breeding cages. The ones in breeding cages have been there about 4 months. They are interacting going in the nest but nothing after that
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