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  1. Thank you She came out of the box yesterday and we were able to clean and remove the dead baby and she was fine. How soon would you be able to tell what colours the babies will be? Pictures attached of the mothers and father
  2. Hello there, I have a single mother budgie who is caring currently for her new born chicks, the father died a month ago suddenly and she has been very happy looking after her eggs whilst incubation and now being hatched. the first one was born on the 12th, the second on the 14th and the third on the 17th. its been difficult sometimes to take pictures as she gets upset, though I noticed in one of the photos the third baby had a black stomach and was pushed to the side. Later we took another look and it seemed to be in the middle with the others or gone? Now we are not sure if it dead or unhealthy, and if we should leave things be or try to take her out of the nest to have a look and if it would injure or disturb her? we have been feeding her daily egg and biscuits fresh broccoli and carrot, shell grit and cuttlefish and seeds, any help will be helpful! thank you
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