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  1. they babies in the eggs are alive the mother died yesterday and they survived the night as i had the lamp on for them . i want to give them the best chance they have so i am looking into all the options available for them , including the one where i have to incubate them for now so i would like opinions advises as much as i can get thanks
  2. but i would still like to know how to feed the little ones when they hatch . like what formula to feed and how long to take care of them its okay if its a lot of trouble i am on my break either way with nothing better to do , i want to save these eggs so can you please help
  3. they haven't laid any eggs for now as we shifted them to a larger cage but before that i have put a newborn chick with the other birds ( the ones which laid eggs but never hatched and the other birds have destroyed the eggs ) and it grew up just fine. but these are eggs so i am a bit scared to let them go in the big cage . what if the other birds manage to attack the eggs ? if it was a new egg that hasnt been incubated i would let the eggs go there but these eggs have the babies inside them and i have seen it so i am a bit scared . i am trying to see if there are any birds which will be able to foster them
  4. pls i really need help
  5. hi i have 2 adult birds and which laid eggs . my female budgie laid 5 eggs and she passed away today and only the father was with them we have a separate cage only for these . i could leave the eggs with the father but the father had a seizure last month and only now he is recovered it was because he was stressed and lonely with only his mate. we have two cages as they are the parents they babies whatever grew up in a separate cage since we had to leave town for a few days we gave the parents cage to a vet person that we knew and the other to a friend and during that time he had an seizure and he recovered from it we came the next day and got the cages and he was fine after that he had no signs of a seizure but now as his mate has passed we put him in the other cage with the other budgies as i cant not risk another seizure. but the eggs that were laid are fertile and you can see a baby moving in side one of the eggs and i dont want them to die. so i would like some help . i am going to check in the morning if there are any birds that can foster them i would also like help in this pls i have put a lamp near them for now as i dont know wat to do
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