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  1. Hi there, there has been a change in my budgies cere and I was wondering if anyone has any idea about what could be happening?
  2. I did just that and great news! I found his owner! Pretty thrilled with that result. He escaped on Sunday morning so most likely hadn't eaten until I found him on Tuesday. So now our budgie is missing his twin friend and only has us to play with. Thank you for your help! Rachel
  3. Hi All, This afternoon, I have picked up a male, green and gold budgie from the footpath on my way to get the kids from school. Lucky I didn't ride over him. He appeared exhausted and close to death with my untrained eye. Took him home on my bike (no easy task!), put him in a spare cage I have, gave him food (was a very hungry budgie!) and water and now he looks a lot better and has perked up. He has a leg band so I'm hoping I can track down the breeder to return him: Leg band : 11384 ANBC BCV16 If you know who this gorgeous little guy belongs to, please let me know! Than