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  1. hello and sorry for bumping this thread. but I am concerned about this disease. I have had a budgie for 10 years (got him when I was 12 and am 22 now). He is in my bedroom for most of the time (however I put him outside when I can, but I work early and late so its usually only on the weekends). I will admit that I have always been lazy on the cleaning, I usually only clean his cage once a week and I can go weeks (even more) without vacuuming my room. when he is in my room, he is free to fly (so I assume a flying budgie in a room will produce a lot of airborne particles). Since finding out about this, I am very concerned about my own health, and i think i will give him to my grandmother who has a large outdoor aviary. but removing the bird mean that this disease will no longer be a problem? I'm 22 and don't really fancy dying at 50. I also, have been exposed to many different things bad for your lungs through my occupation, but this bird lung is worrying me the most.
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