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  1. Hi, I sincerely apologise for not responding sooner. I thought nobody had read my inquiry and left it at that. Well the eye came good within a few days without any further applications, but I do love the idea of homeopathy and have bookmarked this page. I am never used the mite spray bottle as I simply don't trust applying pesticides on cage birds, but I guess if I had poultry, it would be a completely different necessity. Thanks again for your suggestions for future reference.
  2. An update... His eye is not as red today so have not had to resort to teabags and saline baths. Probably irritated it due to mites? I have now been sold some Avitrol Bird Mite and Lice spray which I am reluctant about. The Vetafarm Avimec looks like a great treatment for scaly face and when I went to purchase this from the outset, I was told to buy Aristopet instead. Honestly the south west region of Victoria badly needs an avian vet so I can get some consistent advice. I was told not to put the mite spray on his head. I should have asked why if it's such a safe product to use.
  3. Hi, I was told that young budgies in their first year molt several times. I just wonder if it is just one continuous molt with down periods, because sometimes it seems that way. Feathers flying everywhere.
  4. Hi, We have a young male sky-blue pied budgie who was noted to have a crusty cere where it adjoins his beak. I took photos in to pet shop and they said it looked like the start of scaly face, although were not certain. He does have a few feather mites which are small grey coloured that tend to inhabit the quill. Without wanting to blast him with all and sundry in terms of chemicals, I've already just treated him for three days with Aristopet's Scaly face and leg to the cere. It's still crusty looking but doesn't seem to be raised as much. Now today I note his eye rim is pink looking compared to his other eye. The local vets certainly do not specialise in birds and charge upwards of $60 for a basic consultation for a small animal. This could result in them telling me something they will not be sure about themselves as they are no avian vets. The receptionist sounded like it was a first, asking for a budgie consultation! Anyway, do you have any suggestions what I can do? He's had three days of the scaly face treatment which ended two days ago and in a week or so, I will reapply as directed to do so. He's a great little character and is hand tame, and a talker, however he is originally aviary bird stock. Thanks, Sue.
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