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  1. Hi Guys My wife and I are very new to this. We have an outdoor aviary, with 2 male and 2 female budgies, along with a few finches (the two breeds get along well). The budgies are fairly new and we had two breeding boxes in the aviary when they were introduced. A few weeks in and we noticed they had matched up into two pairs and were exploring the boxes. Yesterday we noticed one of the females chasing and attacking the other female, there was even a little blood evident. Today we removed the boxes and the aggressive female seems really put out by this and is still harassing the other female to a certain point. My question is, should we leave them to sort things out now that the boxes have been removed or should we consider separating the aggressive female from the aviary, leaving the two males and one female? The two males are getting along fine. Sorry for the newbie question, as I said we are very new to all this. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.
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