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  1. Hi our 4 yr old budgie seems egg bound have given her occivet this morning should I seperate her from the other bird thank you
  2. Hi have a female budgie she seems to be egg bound I think. keeps opening her beak has funny crusty feel to her head. Pushes her tail up as if she is trying to get rid of something thanks for your help
  3. Hello I have just joined BBC and we have a budgie named Elijah. He is blue and very pretty. I have been concerned as he seemed to be biting himself but the lady at the pet shop assured me that he was more likely preening himself. I have introduced a mirror and I am buying a new ladder and swing and getting some more toys hoping that will kill any boredom he might be experiencing. I will eventually buy another budgie but it isn't in the budget at present. He is a young bird only about 2 weeks old we got him last week and he was 10 days old then so maths might not be quite right.
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