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  1. Hi There. Hens can and will still lay infertile eggs if the male is not fertile or for some reason not fertilizing the eggs. I'd say the issue is with the hen.
  2. Its best to make a decision based on facts. If you avairy breed with one pair then you should be good. If you avairy breed a few pair they can be okay and then they can kill babies and fight. Sometimes they will be great for a while and then out of the blue a hen decides that she wants a nest that is already occupied, she will fight and sometimes kill the other hen and then most definitely kill the babies in the nest. If you cabinet breed they often don't get any sun which they need to convert into vitamin D. I recommend using Vetafarm D breeder or a supplement with high vitamin D to try to compensate this. If you cabinet breed its a good idea to introduce the hen first and leave her there for maybe a week, then introduce the cock bird. They may well breed immediately. Let them raise 2 or maybe 3 batches and then rest the pair for a few months. Hope this helps
  3. I'm pretty new to the forum too, am also finding it difficult to get around and use it. I guess I must be a computer dinosaur or something..... When your pieds mature look in their eyes. If they have a white iris ring they are likely dominant pieds, if the eye stays black they are likely Danish or recessive pieds.
  4. okay.... Well she's not born barren because she has already laid.... I'm assuming you have given her a few months break ?? Birds need time to renew their energy and build their bodies up for the hard work of laying eggs and raising babies. ....Breeders usually stop breeding hens at this age and males at 5 or 6 yrs but some hens still go for a year or 2. She may be at the end of her ability to breed. Its hard to say. Is it possible that mice are taking the eggs? I don't usually keep hens that are 4 yrs to breed unless they are special as they are getting old. Most breeding is done with birds 1 and 2 yrs of age. If you introduce another hen to the aviary take out the old hen as she will probably cause chaos with the new hens eggs and chicks.
  5. If you have never seen an egg in the nest in all that time I would say she is barren and may not ever lay.
  6. Try also adding gumtree branches with leaves on for your birds to chew on. It might give her something more healthy for her to chew on.
  7. Hi everyone. I am wondering if any of you might breed rainbows. Does anyone know what would be a reasonable price to pay for 1? Ta
  8. Thanks Kerri. Happy to help if I can. I'm sorry I didnt reply sooner but am still working out how to navigate my way around the site.
  9. Hi Vicki First thing I'd do after cleaning out is take out breeding boxes and rest birds. Do this every year for a few months so the birds can get strong agian. They need a lot more than just seed for a diet. Greens, veg,seeding grasses, gumtree branches to name a few. I would definatly delice the birds (a drop or 2 to the back of the neck on the skin. Do that a few times a year and you can treat babies in the nest so long as they have feathers. Its likely that you have something bad going on and I would say that you wont know what it is for sure unless you take a few birds to a vet - preferably one who specializes in birds. The only other option is to guess and treat accordingly. You might get some info from their droppings, for example dark green dioreah could mean Mega bac/Avian Gastric Yeast....Treat with citric acid in the water.... Hopefully some birds survive. Good luck.
  10. colourbreeder

    Hi All

    Hi...........I have been breeding budgies for about 20 years and love the Dominant pieds in blue series and violet..... Lately I'm interested in golden face and have introduced them to my pieds..........Can't wait to get them in double factor form.. I'm also interested in rainbows, the clearwing ones .........They are lovely but take years to breed from scratch. Does anyone breed them out there in budgie land ??? Regards
  11. Hi There...Nice birds, I like the greys, they are in lovely condition. I'll give the outcomes a go for you....Note If birds are carrying recessive genes you might get some surprises. The grey pair should throw a variety of shades of grey, 50% spangle, some babies maybe blues if both parents are single factor grey also, all males will be split opaline. Sky blue to sky blue gives 100% sky blue, all males will be split opaline. The last pair might disappoint as you could end up with all green babies.....However its more likely that the green pied is split blue in which case you may get some white face and some yellow face blues and violets as well... All babies will be split pied..... Have fun, I hope you get some nice surprises. Marie
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