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  1. Hello , thanks for your reply I dont understand what you mean by ' breeding temps vairy' , also the budgie with the dark pink cere is it male or female. You suggested that I seperate cocks from hens , I shall do this but how long do I seperate them for?
  2. Well , Hello there and this is my first post so hey everyone! I've been lerking around the forums and just reading everything for a couple of days now so I thought hey ho , this forums have loads to offer and many people to help so why not just take advantage of it and help others out. Okay , I purchased 10 budgies and 3 pairs were bought as 'proven' pairs , yet only one pair have had eggs because I purchased them with eggs , 4 infertile and one was fertile hatched and is 11 days old and the parents are doing a fantastic job. The other pair that I purchased , are visiting the nest box constantly , however they only poop in the nest box well the female does , all poop everywhere , she looks like shes going to lay and her cere has gone crusty brown but its been happening since I got them around 1 week and 3 days. The next pair I removed from the breeding cage as she laid one infertile egg , then stopped , then i left them for 3 weeks , nothing was happening removed them and placed them with the other birds. Now I have 6 birds , that I need to pair up but the dilemma i'm in is when do I pair them up? Do I keep a watch out to see if they pair themselves up , also I'm coming towards the winter in the U.K , so when will the breeding season start for me? Along with this I have a budgie with a pink cere which was given to me with a hen telling me theyre a pair but I have doubts that its a female if someone can confirm what gender it is , that would be great. Thank you. I'll try post images , cant seem to see it on the phone ?
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