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  1. Hi everyone, i'm a bird lover and Aussie living in Morocco. I was looking for the perfect bird for months (back home, my family breeds cockatiels so that was my preference) but then i found this cute little guy and couldn't resist. We've named him/her Qamar (which in Arabic- the first language of Morocco - means 'moon' or 'the moon'). It's adjusting really well into our home!, I've had him/her now for 3weeks and can say Qamar is very tame and spends most of the day outside his cage - which i prefer because i haven't been able to find a larger cage over here . But, because i am so used to Cockatiels, i really don't have any idea on budgies. I am so confused on the sex and rough age of my new friend and would love it if someone could help me out please! In some lights his cere looks much bluer/purple and in other it there seems to be whitish rings around his nostrils which is why i am so confused. I tried to take many photo's to show what i mean...
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