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  1. Hello:) I am new to breeding and even though I thought I had done enough research I still am feeling a little lost:(... Snowy (male) and Daffodil (female) have two gorgeous chicks, one has just ventured out of the nesting box. However Daffodil has laid another 2 eggs, she seems okay but I am worried what should I do and also how can I stop this happening to other couples? Thanking you in advance
  2. Sky (Male) and Clover (Female) successfully reared 4 chicks, I removed Clover when the chicks left the nesting box to stop them from breeding again. Now I have returned Sky back to the aviary with the flock and unfortunately looks like Clover an a couple the other budgies are not happy to see him. They are chasing him around the aviary:( Can anyone give me any insight on this behaviour. They all got on well before I removed the pair to breed.
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