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  1. thanks for that, i'll try to boost their fruit and veg diet and continue keeping a close eye on them. I have one of my older budgies in the same aviary and he seems to be teaching all the younger birds, when I first put in milk weed for them the older one only ate it but later I noticed he was trying to share it with the younger ones and now they all eat. I should take that as a good sign for the chick I think?
  2. I have a big problem. Earlier in the year I welcomed three new budgies to the family but I have just learned that one of the new ones has a chick and I know this is a major problem for her health (she is 7-8 months of age). If your wondering why I let this happen it was because I had a breeding pair in the same aviary and I had a breeding box set up for them but the cheeky young one slipped my watch and used the nest. The chick having hatched would mean to me that she has made it past the most life threatening part of losing calcium but I need to know what I can do to make sure she stays healthy and regains the calcium she has lost as well as getting the nutrients she needs for her and the chick. I can not stand the though of losing one of my birds especially when so young. All help is appreciated and needed urgently.
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