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  1. Thanks Drogo. Care to elaborate on what you think is going on?
  2. Times have really changed on this forum since 2010! Where are the instant replies from KAZ and all the other regulars here?
  3. Hi forum, would really appreciate your advice on this one. My beloved pet bird of 5 years (Yoshi) scared me on Sunday evening. He was regurgitating up a clear liquid and clicking his beak, so I took him to a vet. After 3 different vet visits in less than 24hours ($$$$$$$) I was given something for parasites (this was a vet guessing) and something for bacteria (one vet looked at his droppings under a microscope and noted a kind of bacteria had high levels). Have been keeping him in a small cage in my room (he is normally in a big one with another bird) nice and warm and monitoring him. It's Thursday night now and he is going so well, no signs of vomiting since Monday 4am and trying to break out of the cage and see his friend (during the day the cages are next to each other so they can chat). The problem is - I thought he'd be fine to go back in with the other bird (a baby, they've been in the same cage for almost 6 months) but as soon as I put him in there my other bird has been chasing him and stressing him out. The baby bird (named Koopa, his cere was blue to begin with but is looking more and more brown each day) is chasing him off every perch and Yoshi isn't happy at all. I'm worried the vomiting was stress related now..... What do I do? Wait it out until they adjust to each others company again? Separate Yoshi again so he won't be stressed? I'm really mad at my other bird for doing this to him. It's been an hour I realise that Koopa is likely a girl - is this related to female/male behaviour? Is Koopa just a jerk? Will he/she grow out of it?
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